Myungsoo waving at fans @ SBS Hope TV Children Day.

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Myungsoo vs Kitten. I see no difference

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My Lovely Girl - Ep 4

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infinite + colors. ♡

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"You all live in the same dorm, why were you stuck in traffic alone? Are you an outcast?"

"There’s nothing like that on our team."

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Myungstal gives me mixed emotions and I need more of them now.

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[ NEWS ] Hoya will officially make his on screen movie debut with "희야"

according to another news source ‘newsen’, hoya’s role in the movie “히야” is the younger brother, his older brother will be played by a model-turned-actor.

hoya’s plays the role of the younger brother who has some conflicts with his hyung. hoya will have to travel between seoul and the countryside for filming.

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I have a thing for Infinite's Synchronized Dancing 

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Eric: Guys, he is REALLY winking…

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